About Us

Welcome to our website, hosted by our company Adana. Adana has its roots in Spanish culture, where it is the female version of the English name, Adam. We used this as our company name as Adam is the start of all things in the Bible, and from there we can grow on and on. Despite the Bible being theoretically against science and technology, we use this so that we can converge the two together and while they are dichotomies, we want to make sure that both religious and non-religious visitors of our blog will be aware and feel at ease.

Now that you know the origins of our name, we aspire to go online to get more outreach and know more about how we can grow our business, Adana. Like Apple, we are easy to remember as a name and we can appear on top of the pages in the Yellow Books or Green Books and other directories that feature our company. As a result, we think this will also give us an edge as to how we market ourselves and our growth as a company.

Thank you, dear visitor, for coming around and looking at our blog. We will make sure that we will post articles that you are interested in and will find joy in reading, as we want to have a good experience talking about what we are passionate about: technology.