Benefits of Good Home Lighting

Lighting up your home at night is more important than people realize. The difficulty of lighting placement is that it needs to be balanced. Too much light can hurt your eyes and give you a headache while not enough lighting will make the house look dreary and can negatively impact your mood.

In this article, we will discuss some of the basic strategies that architects use to balance the lighting both inside and outside of homes. Shall we begin?

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting strategies vary depending on the room in question. The variables to consider include room size, shape, flooring type, wall color, and so on. The types of interior lighting design that are used is uncountable because of the number of variables and styles that are utilized in home development these days.

For example, if you have an average sized bedroom, you could easily light up the whole room with a single ceiling lamp in the center. However, if the room is not perfectly rounded off, any corners may appear dark during the night. Additionally, most people are fond of having an overhead lamp above their bed for preparation to sleep. There’s nothing better than curling up in a semi-lit bedroom with a good book.

A semi-lit lounge is out of the question. No one feels comfortable sitting out in the main room of their home with a single, weak lamp on. Generally, you will have ceiling lights placed incrementally through your lounge so that light will hit every corner. With the curtains drawn, you shouldn’t be able to see a speck of darkness anywhere.

A bathroom is even more complicated. Most bathrooms have reflective tiles on the ground and simple, bright walls which may also be tiled. Two lights are needed for the average bathroom. You need one main light in the center. This center light doesn’t need to be overly strong as it will be reflected off most of the walls and floor. You will also want a wall lamp right above the mirror for use when shaving, etc.

The kitchen needs to be well-lit all around. You definitely don’t want to be using knives, hot stoves, and gas burners without having great lighting! Place ceiling lights above every stove, oven, and counter. You will still have the main lights in the center region of the kitchen. For a rectangular kitchen design use the longer, poll-like lights.

Exterior Lighting

Strategically placing lights outside your home bolster its attraction. If you don’t have lighting for your house’s exterior, you’re probably being referred to as the person living in the haunted house.

The first place you need to place lights at is the front door, as well as any other door that leads into your home. Generally, this is accomplished with an outdoor wall lamp or an overhead light if you have a veranda.

If you have a garden or grassy area on your property, be sure to light that up as well. A lit garden is very appealing both for you and for any passerby.

These are typically the only outdoor lights you need, but I would recommend having at least one light on ever side of your house. That way, your home is sure to look amazing both inside and out!

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